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I just want to know whether it's secure or not

You know security is an important topic, but sometimes getting That Feature ready is just more important. Use the power of habits and strategies to constantly improve.

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Many facets of security

Habits are used by many successful and busy people to make big improvements

But before you jump into checking for updates every day, we'll also need an overall approach. Security has many facets. Use habits to constantly improve these facets in no time:


So we don't introduce new vulnerabilities or keep repeating insecure patterns.

Keeping up

with new attacks and software updates for Rails, gems and on the server.

Being prepared for the worst case scenario.
Knowing what your users are doing.
Hardening security like it's 2018.

Hey, I'm Heiko Webers, and I have one goal

…Make your Rails application more secure than it was before you found me. You already put in a lot of thought to keep your Rails application secure. You subscribed to the Rails security updates, you read the Rails security guide and plenty of posts. However, sometimes security feels like a mystery and firefighting.

This site is about an overall Rails security strategy that will help you understanding what is secure and what not.
Customer comments (security is a sensitive topic, 90% choose not to disclose)
  • Trackman Up customer

    I save so much time because the CSO service
    Trackman Up takes care of security.
  • Tolingo

    The professional audit by bauland42 just made
    our applications much more secure.
Guides & Articles

These Rails security guides and articles are available:

Rails Content-Security-Policy Admin panel mutual TLS authentication

Here are a few things that I can offer you