“I just want to know whether it’s secure or not”

You don’t have endless time for researching security because you already have enough on your plate. You know it’s an important topic, but sometimes getting That Feature ready is just more important. But there should be a way to keep up with security and still not waste too much time on it.

Rails security strategyIdea: Use the power of habits and strategies to constantly improve.
Habits are used by many successful and busy people to make big improvements. But before you jump into checking for updates every day, we’ll also need an overall approach.

After all, security has many facets:

  • Learning
  • Keeping up
  • Being prepared for the worst case
  • Knowing what people do in the app
  • Hardening security with modern means

Depending on your previous knowledge and your application, each has a different priority. So your approach could be:

  • Prioritize these security facets according to your needs
  • Use habits to constantly improve these facets even if you’ve no time for it

Sounds like a good approach?

Then this will help you get started.

Free for a limited-time only, you’ll get:

  • A 50-page Rails security strategy guide to prioritize
  • A 5-page guide for a week with Rails security mini habits

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