Hey, I’m Heiko Webers, and I have one goal...

…Make your Rails application more secure than it was before you found me.

You already put in a lot of thought to keep your Rails application secure. You subscribed to the Rails security updates, you read the Rails security guide and plenty of posts. However, sometimes security feels like a mystery and firefighting.

This site is about an overall Rails security strategy that will help you understanding what is secure and what not.

My book

My newest book is called Rails Security Strategy: Start with a strategy before going deeper, even when you’re a busy developer.

My story

Heiko Webers
So, I’m Heiko Webers, originally from Southern Germany, now living in Prague, Czech Republic. I specialize in Rails web application security.

By the way,

  • In 1997, I started planning my first desktop application, a text editor and image viewer. To my surprise, it sold well over the internets at that time.
  • After that I wrote a software to browse and analyze eBay(tm). It was voted (one of) the best by several computer magazines.
  • Since 2007, I have been focused on Ruby on Rails security and I wrote the official Rails Security Guide.
  • In my Rails Security Code Audits I provide another pair of eyes. I’ve helped both big and small businesses to become more secure with telephony, fitness, internal, and business network applications, as well as project and document management, health applications and many other projects.
  • In a short episode of government funding I started a SaaS business, but it never really took off.
  • I’m very interested in bootstrapping companies, pretotyping (before a prototype) and designing web apps.

Feel free to also contact me with ideas, questions or just to say hello.