Improve Rails security for consultants and experts

How can you help me?

Here are a few things that I can offer you:


Rails Security Strategy

The complete Rails guide to developing a security strategy for busy lead architects.

The Ruby on Rails Security Project

Rails security since 2007. All in one place: Updated guides about a growing number of Ruby on Rails security topics and all your questions answered.


Trackman Up

A monthly service that adapts your Rails application security to the future by focusing on the long-term success of the app and your dev team.

Trackman Express (coming soon)

The little sister of Trackman Up. This is a step-by-step strategy guide to level up all facets of security yourself. It includes a short audit of your application to find quick wins.

Rails Security Audit

In my Rails security audits, I read your entire codebase and propose changes that you can potentially make. The outcome is a color-coded report for the management and a detailed technical report. Because I’ve audited numerous Rails applications in the last 10 years, this will uncover Rails-specific problems and be significantly quicker at this depth. This is best suited for when you’re unsure about the current security or you’re looking for a second opinion.

Who is this?

Heiko Webers
I'm Heiko Webers, a developer and writer from Germany, working with Rails security since 2007. I'm also running a small business and SaaS application, just like you, so I generally understand the challenges and possibilities. Contact me at 42 -At-