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About The Rails Security Strategy

This is a set of mini habits for every workday to achieve a little progress in all the different aspects of security because you’re a busy person.

What are mini habits?

Minimize your daily goals to something small that requires only willpower to complete, not necessarily motivation.

Mini security?

Set a few minutes aside every day for security. The consistency and effort to achieve every day is what matters.

A week of mini habits

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Heiko Webers

“I've written the official Rails security guide, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Rails security guide and the Rails Security Strategy. I helped countless Rails applications since 2006 to improve their security with code audits and trainings.”

Heiko Webers, author @ bauland42

“I love the connection between dealing with Security and habits!”

Andrzej Krzywda, CEO @ Arkency